Cong for removal of officers for fair probe

Killing of Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew

Shillong, Sept 3: The opposition Congress has indicated that for a fair probe, the officers allegedly involved in the killing of former general secretary of HNLC Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew should be removed.

Speaking to reporters, the CLP leader Mukul Sangma said that Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government should ensure that the  judicial inquiry should be totally independent.


“Therefore, the inquiry if it has to be independent it has to be really independent…Now if the allegations revolve around the top officials will you expect the inquiry to be independent if the top officers against whom the allegations are directed, are still in office? The government has to look at if the inquiry has to be independent,” he said.

“I am talking in consistent with the provisions of law and on the expected lines as to how the authorities will have to act to ensure if the inquiry has to be independent completely insulated from external pressure, because you will have number of police personnel of lower rank who will have to be questioned. Now will they really be free to speak and share the truth – all those things are required to be understood, therefore, I would confine my submission before all of you but I think this sends enough messages,” he added.

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