Guv asks faith leaders to promote peace and justice without fear

Shillong, Aug 11: Governor Phagu Chauhan has asked all faith and community leaders to take a stand without fear to promote peace and justice in society.

Speaking at the third foundation day of Shillong All Faith Forum (SAFF), the governor said the forum took a beautiful theme “Peace, Harmony and Environment” on the occasion. The hallmark of divinity and humanity is peace and harmony. “No human generation can be called civilized without the mentioned hallmark. We may advance in so many ways and develop in so many things, but if peace is missing, you are missing God and you are missing your fellow human beings”, he said..


According to the governor, this is an age where respect for each other and respect of human life is degrading and money, power, fame take the place of value and respect.

“As faith leaders and community leaders, we need to take a stand without fear where we think, speak, act and promote peace and justice in society”, he said.

He said the faith leaders have shown the way: the ways of believing are many, but the creator and master is one and the only one.

“Human body has many parts. We have faiths, , races, colours, genders, languages, dialogues, cultures and so on, but we live in one earth created by the same creator, and all his creatures will culminate in his glory and power”, he said.

Environment is our mother earth. It you love and respect her, you will find her loving touch, but if we are harsh to her because of our greed, the consequences will be a terrible one. Love the mother earth and it will love and care for you in return, he added.

“I wish all of you the faith leaders to lead the way of peace and harmony. Let not war and hatred rule our mind and our nation, but faith in God and peace with fellow human beings become our way of life”, the governor said, adding that SAFF can become an example for the nation that ‘we can live with each other in peace and harmony and we will love and care our mother earth’.

SAFF president Bishop P. Lyngdoh, vice president Naba Bhattacharjee, secretary Fr RM Majaw Archbishop Victor Lyngdoh,  besides office bearers and the members of SAFF were present.

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