Intolerance and hatred


Intolerance and hatred are destructive forces that undermine the fabric of societies, erode human rights and fuel conflict and violence. Intolerance refers to the unwillingness or refusal to accept or respect beliefs, opinions or practices that differ from one’s own. It can manifest in different forms, including racism, religious bigotry and discrimination based on nationality, ethnicity or social status.

On the other hand, hatred is an intense feeling of hostility, animosity or aversion towards individuals or groups perceived as different or inferior. It often stems from ignorance, prejudice, or a sense of superiority and can lead to acts of violence, discrimination and dehumanisation.

One of the most significant consequences of intolerance and hatred is the violation of human rights. When individuals and communities are marginalized, discriminated against or denied equal opportunities because of their race and religion, their fundamental rights to freedom, dignity and equality are compromised.

Intolerance and hatred have led to some of the darkest chapters in human history. Ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Rwanda, can anyone forget?

Ultimately, creating a world free from intolerance and hatred requires a collective commitment from authorities, civil society, religious leaders and individuals alike. We can build societies that embrace the richness of human differences and thrive on the principles of equality, justice and peace.

Yours etc.,
Anjan Kumar Das

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