JNC reiterates opposition against railways over influx, impact on environment

Shillong, Oct 23: The Jaiñtia National Council (JNC) has reiterated its opposition to the railways in East Jaintia Hills stating that it would lead to influx and adversely affect the rural areas, among other reasons.

JNC president Sambormi Lyngdoh in a statement listed the reasons for which it was opposing the railway project in Jaintia Hills.


“The Jaiñtia Hills District Autonomous Council has not done anything to prevent trading by outsiders in Jaiñtia Hills. Also, the Dorbar Shnong did not get full power either from the state or ADC to tackle the influx. And if the railway is implemented there will be a large number of outsiders,” the council said.

JNC also said that the railways would affect the rural areas, the forests, hills and even the water bodies.

It also raised concerns about local small-time traders and truckers who would be affected by the railways. “East Jaiñtia Hills District has most of the factories and the coming of the railway will benefit only them,” it pointed out.

“The most important thing is that if the railways are only for goods and material it will benefit only the outsiders. Illegal settlers will arise, and mixed marriages will take place, especially in the rural as of now it is growing. And we strongly believe it creates big problems as we still hold on to our own culture and identity. What will happen to our next generation,” it added.

Lastly, the JNC urged the ministers from Jaiñtia Hills to raise this issue in the Cabinet and speak about the lack of development in the district.

The council said it was ready to take stern measures if the state government pushes for the railway project.

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