KSU closes down offices for not respecting holiday, HYC condemns govt 

Shillong, Nov 11: KSU activists closed down banks and offices located in Lumdiengjri, Motphran, Khyndai Lad, Laitumkhrah, Nongthymmai and others, for functioning though Thursday was a holiday on account of Nongkrem dance festival.

The two-day festival began on Thursday (see picture)


“The functioning of these institutions only shows that they disrespect the indigenous people of the state,” KSU-CEC publicity secretary Pynshai Rani said in a statement.

The KSU also warned of action against all offices that failed to respect special occasions and festivals observed by the Indigenous people.

“It would also be meaningless to have offices of the central government or companies if they do not respect such important occasions,” he said.

He demanded the government to ensure the holiday is applicable to all institutions.

The activists of the HYC also took similar action against institutions which were found disrespecting the occasion.

On Wednesday, the HYC had condemned the alleged failure of the state government to declare November 11 as holiday for the banks operating in East Khasi Hills district on account of the Shad Nongkrem festival.

Its general secretary Roy Kupar Synrem said that as per information received by the council, the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation, Meghalaya State Unit had written to the state government requesting the day to be declared as holiday for the banks to enable their employees to also take part on the occasion.

“Unfortunately, the state government through the Under Secretary in-charge GAD had rejected the plea made by the banks. This only shows that the state government is not respecting the important events of the indigenous community,” he alleged.

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