LS election game begins in Meghalaya


Except for BJP, almost all major political parties in Meghalaya are geared up and have already announced their candidates for the elections to the ensuing Lok Sabha scheduled to be held sometime in April or early May. We the electors have now already read the political situations in our country and can guess which way the winds are blowing and how it will impact this country in the next five years or more.


Now, coming to the candidates, the ruling NPP has put up its formidable candidates Ampareen Lyngdoh (in picture) and Agatha Sangma, both women, from the Shillong and Tura Parliamentary Constituencies, respectively. The opposition Congress has announced the names of Vincent Pala and Saleng Sangma as their candidates for the Shillong and Tura seats, respectively.

The UDP has nominated the popular dynamic former HYC President Robertjune Kharjahrin from Shillong seat. It has not named any one so far to contest from Tura. Perhaps it knows that it is in a weak wicket to bat on or other political considerations with its major MDA partner.

The comparatively new brand political party, the Voice of the People’s Party (VPP), which have aroused the minds and hearts of the youth and rural folks, has set up dynamic Dr. Ricky A.J Syngkon. Another prominent aspiring MP candidate is NEHU professor Lakhon Kma, who has also widely announced himself through the media that he is determined to enter the fray of the Lok Sabha from Shillong seat. However, he has not revealed from which party he is going to contest.

Till today, only the BJP has not announced its candidates from Shillong and Tura. Perhaps its Meghalaya Mandal has not got its suitable undertakers to be in the ring. However, top BJP leaders in Meghalaya have left the matter to the BJP High Command in New Delhi. Perhaps the State BJP here is not sure whom to recommend to contest the ensuing elections from both the seats.

Judging from the present political scenario in all states in India, the BJP is almost certain to cross the majority mark if not 370 seats in the Lok Sabha as stated by the PM in the House and he is certain to get the third term in office. As far as Meghalaya is concerned, who of the above candidates will win we cannot predict. Only Pala has represented the Shillong seat for three terms and people of this constituency have seen or at least heard about him if not all. He is not at all dynamic and vocal in the Lok Sabha like other parliamentarians of other states. He rarely rose to speak and he is not effective at all and brought nothing much to this constituency except for MPLADS which any MP is entitled to.

We are living witnesses to his ineffectiveness. The less we talk about him the better. There are many candidates in the fray now, men and one woman as of now in this constituency, who are more efficient and more capable than the sitting one whom we can choose from this time round, keeping in mind that, whoever we elect will surely bring change for the betterment of this constituency. People should also judiciously choose their MP candidate by judging him or her all round by casting aside other extraneous considerations.

Yours etc,
Philip Marweiรฑ,

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