VPP victory not to affect NPP in Assembly polls: Dhar

Shillong, June 12: NPP leader Sniawbhalang Dhar has said the VPP’s victory in Shillong parliamentary seat will not affect NPP in 2028 Assembly elections.

“You cannot link it with the 2028 Assembly elections. Of course, there is scope for the VPP to increase its seats but you cannot also undermine the fact that the NPP, UDP and other parties will also work very hard since we have got 3-4 years’ time,” Dhar told reporters on Wednesday.


Dhar assured that the NPP-led MDA government, will continue to serve the people of the state without any partiality.

“As leaders, we promised the people that we will try our best to serve you better. From the party and the government, we would like to apologize to the people for any shortcomings so that from now onwards we will try to work and serve our people better without any partiality or biasness,” he said.

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