Mahila Cong leader slams MDA govt on border deal

Shillong, April 28: The Meghalaya Pradesh Mahila Congress President Joplyn S Shylla termed the statement of Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong against MPCC president  Vincent Pala as childish, and added that Tynsong is trying to avoid the real issues confronting the state.

“How can a Dy CM assume that the president of the MPCC is not as rich as Dhar family as  it seriously makes us wonder if Mr Tynsong has access to our bank accounts ? Now I am  assuming that our honourable Dy CM Mr.Prestone Tynsong has checked into Mr Vincent Pala’s bank account and compared his bank account with Dhar familys’ bank account and came up with the statement. If this is true, then we are in danger of getting our bank balance checked by this present government”, Shylla said.


According to Shylla, the MDA government is going haywire these days.

“The CM clearly mentioned on social media that the agreement on border was signed with the consent of the traditional heads, whereas this information is totally wrong. If it was true the people who have been effected would have protested against their respective traditional heads and not targetted the government. The question now is….Is the MDA government going to bulldoze their way through private lands owned by the people of Meghalaya to come up with the answer regarding border issue”, Shylla said.

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