MDA to start afresh Assam border talks

Shillong, June 28: The MDA government has decided to start afresh border talks with neighbouring Assam.

“With the new leadership in Assam, a leadership with a very positive mindset and (having) good relationship with Meghalaya leadership, we are hopeful that with a clean…we will move forward and try to find an amicable solution,” Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma told reporters on Monday.


Sangma also said that it was impossible for him to say with certainty that CM-level border talks will materialise during his tenure.

“However, what is important to realise is that as leaders we need to decide on certain things and move forward. History is going to judge us on this moment that we decide or don’t decide. Therefore, we need to look at a big picture. We as government will do whatever it takes to move this discussion forward and find an amicable solution but then if the solution is not acceptable to our people and us, then we will not allow that to overcome the situation and allow Meghalaya to suffer,” he added.

On the Centre’s request to resolve boundary disputes among states in the region, Sangma said this would depend on how the talks pan out.

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