NF Railway posts 18.5% growth in freight loading for November

Guwahati, Dec 7 (UNI): The North-East Frontier Railway has recorded 18.5% growth in its freight loading in the month of November 2021 compared to the same period last year.

NF Railway loaded 6.498 MT during the period from April to November, 2021 as compared to 4.867 MT done in the corresponding period of last year. This is an increase of 33.5%.


Loading of a few commodities was increased by a substantial margin in NF Railway during November, 2021 in comparison to last year.

During this month, dolomite loading increased by 103 percent, container loading increased by 33.3%, fertilizer loading increased by 6.7% and loading of miscellaneous commodities increased by 48.8%, a statement stated.

During this year from April to November 2021, dolomite loading increased by 215.8% in comparison to the same period of last year.

Foodgrain loading increased by 6.4%, container loading increased by 78.4%, fertiliser loading increased by 24.3%, cement loading increased by 36.1%, other commodities increased by 114.5%; and it is an overall increase of 33.5% in comparison to the last years loading up to November 2020.

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