NGO for offline Covid registration

Shillong, May 16: The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organisation (HITO) on Sunday pointed out the difficulties faced by the youths in terms of vaccination.

In a letter addressed to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, the HITO said vaccination is the only way for the people of Meghalaya to be safe from Covid-19 but the implementation mechanism in the state has been far from ideal.


The organisation said it heard from many young people who tried to register themselves for the Covid  vaccine of the difficulties in securing  a limited slot.

A different mechanism needs to be adopted to ensure that a fair and equitable system is put in place to see that each and every citizen of the state is vaccinated in a timely manner, it said.

“The requirement for online registration is illogical as many people may not have smartphones or they may not be well-versed in filling up the forms”, the organisation said.

The organisation stressed the need of utilising the service of traditional institutions who can help the people and the government will be able to offer offline registration for vaccination.

It wanted the government to be completely transparent as to how many vaccines have been ordered by the state besides those from the Serum Institute of India and what steps are the government taking to utilise, fully and effectively, the available vaccines and avoid wastage.

The state government has been asked to ensure the usage of all the ventilators in the state, those that were provided by the Centre and those that were not.

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