Opp walks out of House over Thangkhiew issue

Shillong, Sept 15 : The opposition Congress walked out of the House on Wednesday after the government disallowed a discussion on the need to take action against the officers involved in the killing of former general secretary of HNLC Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew.

Assembly Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh disallowed the discussion citing Rule 59 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly which prevents discussion on matters under a commission of inquiry.


Lyngdoh had earlier admitted and fixed that the short duration discussion moved by Mawlai MLA PT Sawkmie (Cong ) will be taken up on Wednesday. However, the decision was changed on grounds that the matter is sub-judice since investigation by the  commission of inquiry is on.

The Assembly witnessed noisy scenes after the government denied the discussion regarding the suspension of officers involved in the killing of Thangkhiew.

Raising a point of order, Sawkmie asked the government to allow the discussion but this was disallowed by Speaker and Chief Minister by reiterating that the matter is sub- judice following the formation of judicial inquiry.

However, the Opposition referred to the reply of Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui on Tuesday on the matter though the same was sub-judice.

Later , after walking out of the House, the opposition members shouted slogans like ‘down down MDA,  down down Conrad Sangma down down Lahkmen Rymbui” as they moved  through the corridors of the Assembly and the Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma addressed the media persons on the need to suspend the police officers.

KHNAM member Adelbert Nongrum, who is part of MDA, remained in the House as he had to move a resolution on Covid issue.

Earlier, Mukul said in the House that the demand for suspension of the concerned officers is not at all something which can be considered as sub-judice.
“From the stand of the government, it proves beyond reasonable doubt that they are hellbent on sticking to the decision that they have taken and they want to completely stonewall any possibility of discussion”, he said.
Mukul said the discussion is important so that the government can take a conscious decision.
“Now in absence of that we understand that even discussion on this subject will be meaningless because they will not be willing to even listen in other words it will fall on deaf ears…Most important part is that the intent of the government is very clear before us we will not in all futility engage in discussion and debate, therefore we walkout to demonstrate our disapproval and complete lack of confidence on the intent of the government,” the leader of opposition said and walked out with other Congress legislators.
Later, addressing media persons, Mukul said the government is completely insensitive and is not concerned about the need to understand the ground reality.
“They are completely disconnected from the ground reality as to what is happening on ground zero and the fallout that is visible everywhere,” he said.
According to former chief minister, the government is not responding to the sentiments of people  to ensure justice as they are asking for suspension of the top police officials. “We therefore condemn the attitude of this government”, he said.
Former Assembly Speaker Charles Pyngrope said the discussion sought was about suspension of the top police officials and that suspension is a matter of administrative procedure and does not come under any judicial inquiry.
“So you must separate the two…therefore this discussion is outside matters which are subjudice,” he said .
He also referred to an incident of 1982 in Jorhat where the then SP of a district was suspended.
Mawsynram legislator H M  Shangpliang asked  the Speaker to reconsider his decision and  said, “Please allow the discussion  for the sake of the people of Mawlai and people of the state. We are committed today that we have to speak few things to the government which we have in our hearts. The voice of the people has to be voiced here in the floor of the house otherwise where we would go and speak, we cannot go and speak in the street we have to speak here so that we can hear the justification of the government. please consider your order.”
Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said it was not a fact that the government does not want to discuss but it is because there are certain constraints.
“The important aspect is that the judicial inquiry is there and we should give a chance to complete its exercise so that the truth comes out,” he said




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