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Peace an illusion


‘Charge brigades’ era are put to laid;


Soldiers long dismantled, ‘barricade’;

Of humans re-awaken from the past;

Preclusion of war, wide-ranging task.


Prejudice impregnates, ‘cold war’;

Birth of hatred infested, thus soar;

Peace an illusion, a myth foretell;

Event of warfare fatalities in hell.


We watched armed conflict with haze,

That the ‘warpaths’ are on for a blaze;  

Young children in biting cold they flee,

Fled their homes, tag as the ‘refugee’.


Now the Russians invaded Ukraine,

Censures, sanctions poured like rains;

‘Brute invader’, caused err and dreary;

On the guiltless folks weak and weary.

 Sonny L Khyriem

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