Prominent citizens’ alliance slams ‘Movement’ against vaccination

Shillong, Feb 14: The Awaken Meghalaya Alliance, consisting of prominent citizens from all walks of life, has condemned the “false agenda” of Awaken India Movement that has rejected the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the Alliance said, “The enormous efforts being made to save our people from the virus can be brought to a naught by the mis-information and rumour mongering by this group whose members in other cities have been arrested for spreading such mis-information.”

“The movement is nothing but a group of conspiracy theorists who in this age of social media are getting far more attention than they deserve and hence must be dealt with firm action by the state,” it added.

The Alliance has also slammed the Movement’s resistance to vaccination on the basis that it counters individual liberty.

“Vaccination is an easy, low-cost option available to avoid exposing patients, staff, doctors to substantial risk of harm and death, thereby making it mandatory is not only reasonable but downright necessary,” the Alliance said.

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