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What is life all about? Is it about acquiring or is it about releasing? Is it about movement or is it about stillness? Am I an island or am I a node in a network? Is life about rigidity or is it about perspective? What is happiness? Is it a transient feeling or a state of permanence? How can one define it? When I say I am happy what am I actually saying? Am I saying that everything is under control or am I saying that control is not an issue? What do relationships mean to me? Am I just me or a product of my relationships? What does security mean to me? Does loneliness scare me? What does approval mean to me? Do I feel deprived without it or does my concept of self allow me to truly be myself without needing approval?
As I ask myself these questions today, I wonder, and I am grateful that I can wonder – As I reach out to the core of myself, I feel like a seeker and a novice, approaching life with flexible boundaries, allowing myself to wander in the stillness of life where beauty and love abound – where I just am, just being, waiting and yet realizing that there is nothing to wait for, that the present is now, and all that can happen is happening now… already.
I feel like sharing this moment with all of you – and hope that you will share your moments with me… and together let us connect to be all that we can, all that which is possible, all that and more…


(Contributed by Amit Saraf, a Shillong-based blogger & creative writer)

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