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The luxury of eating out is no more in this time of the pandemic. But you can always spice up your life with the right recipe. Spicy Ramen noodles takes less than 20 minutes to make and is among the best Asian-inspired recipes. It is also a budget-friendly lunch option in this time of austerity. This quick and super spicy ramen is perfectly spiced with soy and garlic flavour and tastes like restaurant-style ramen. You can top it with crispy fried mushrooms, chicken or soft-boiled eggs.



150 gm Ramen noodles; 2 cups of cabbage, thinly sliced; ΒΌ cup of broccoli stalks, or bok choy or bell peppers; 1 tablespoon of garlic for flavour (you can substitute garlic with minced ginger); 1 tablespoon of oil; 1 teaspoon of jaggery or brown sugar; 1/5 cup of green onion, though I use green onion stalks for flavour; 1 tablespoon each of chili sauce, black pepper sauce, soy sauce and rice vinegar; chilli paste

How to make it

Cook the noodles as per pack direction. Skip the seasoning if you are using instant noodles. Then heat oil in a pan on high flame and add thinly sliced cabbage, jaggery and cook for few minutes. Add sliced broccoli stalks or bok choy if you are using that. Cook cabbage till it is slightly caramelised.
Now add onion stalks and chopped ginger or garlic and stir fry. Add the sauces to the cooked vegetables and then add cooked ramen noodles.
While cooking cabbage and caramelising it, make sure to maintain medium heat and keep it stirring. Do not burn the cabbage but cook it nicely with sugar.
You can make a vegan bowl by skipping boiled eggs. To make extra hot and spicy Ramen, use 2x spicy ramen noodles from Samyang. If you have miso paste, make sure to use that for umami flavour.
To make cheesy spicy Ramen noodles, add some grated cheese.

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