Three cops suspended; police want stolen weapons back

Shillong, Aug 15: The hunt is on by the police to get back three INSAS rifles taken away by the miscreants along with the police vehicle that was torched by them later.
Three police men, who did not take possession of the weapons, were suspended.
A police source said when the police personnel were having lunch on Sunday, almost hundred people barged into Mawkynroh-Umshing Police Outpost situated on the top of a hill.
While a constable carried his weapon with him, other four police personnel abandoned them in the vehicle as the crowd was aggressive.
Later, the miscreants brandishing the weapons drove the vehicle through the city before torching it at Jaiaw.
Police said they wanted the weapons back as the claim of those who took them away was that they threw them in a river.

Additional forces
Five companies of central forces will arrive in Shillong on Monday.
Three companies of CRPF and two companies of BSF will be deployed in parts of the city to contain the impending violence.
Besides, two companies of security forces from the state will also be deployed.
Sporadic incidents of stone pelting, arson and assaults were reported in parts of the state on Sunday.


CRPF vandalises press vehicle
The CRPF vandalised a vehicle belonging to Mawphor daily. This was in retaliation to pelting of stones by the miscreants.
Sources said due to pelting of stones at a bus carrying CRPF personnel, the driver lost control which angered them resulting in the chaos.
Meanwhile, the CSWO condemned the violence in the city on Sunday and said anti-social elements should be prevented from using the death of Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew as a pretext to create disturbance. At the same time, CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing said the organisation “will not keep quite about the killing”.

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