Traffic regulation in city from Dec 29 to Jan 1

Shillong, Dec 29: The Shillong Traffic Police (STP) has imposed traffic regulation on a temporary basis from  December 29 to January 1.

In a post, the police said this was in view of the mass gathering and hopping of people in Khyndailad point leading to traffic congestion in the vicinity of Khyndailad as well as at the highway.


According to the order, there will be no entry from Grand Hotel point towards Khyndailad from 2 pm and vehicles coming from Motphran and Umsohsun wanting to proceed towards Khyndailad will have to take the Boucher road..

There will be no parking on the stretch from Khyndailad upto Grand Hotel junction.

The entire stretch of GS road will be no parking zone from 8 am to  8 pm.

The move of the police is after the city had witnessed traffic snarl ahead of Christmas

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