Trinamool vaccine for NPP virus: Abhishek Banerjee

Shillong, June 29: All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Wednesday termed the NPP as virus and the AITC as vaccine to cure it due to the allegations of corruption under the MDA regime.

He was addressing the party workers in the city after the launch of a pan-state membership drive after inaugurating the state party office in Lower Lachumiere


Banerjee urged he people of Meghalaya to support the AITC to oust the corrupt government in power in the next six months, Abhishek said, “If NPP is the virus, Trinamool is the vaccine.”

He also asked the chief minister Conrad  Sangma to stop behaving like a “puppet” of the BJP.

“Conrad Sangma eventually became Conman Sangma. If you still have some dignity left in yourself, stop behaving like a puppet…,” Abhishek said.

He added, “Have you seen his body language when he meets the people in Delhi, when he meets the BJP top brass. He is a chief minister who has been elected by the people. You are carrying the aspirations, hope and respect of 35 lakh Meghalayans but is this how you bow down to BJP leaders, is this what the people of Meghalaya deserve, is this what you voted for him, is this what you expected out of him?”

AITC Meghalaya state president Charles Pyngrope, AITC Legislature party leader  Mukul Sangma and AITC Meghalaya in-charge Manas Ranjan Bhunia were present.

Banerjee said it was shameful for the chief minister to  attend dinner parties in Delhi when his own state was facing calamities and crisis.

“They formed an alliance called the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) but Conrad Sangma should rename that acronym MDA as “My Development Alliance” as if any development has happened in the last five years, it is Conrad Sangma’s development,” he said.

Tribal lands surrendered 

The AITC leader also accused the NPP-led MDA government of surrendering tribal lands to Assam to please the masters in Delhi.

“In the name of border dispute settlement, you saw the unprecedented rather unacceptable move where the current government has surrendered land to Assam. All this was done to please the masters in Delhi,” he said.

He said, “Those who have lived their lives as Meghalayans and who have cherished the hard brought statehood are suddenly being made to live as residents of another state. What can be more shameful than this. A government that has little or no respect for its land is not worthy of holding a position of power.”

On the BJP, the AITC leader said, “Let them (BJP) bring their entire might and put their entire weight behind the units in Meghalaya and behind Conrad Sangma, I promise you Trinamool will fight till the last drop of its blood but will not surrender before the people in power in Delhi. We are ready to bow down before the power of the people, not before the people in power – this is the difference”.

He assured that in six months when they will have a new government in place, Meghalaya will rule Meghalaya, Bengal will not rule Meghalaya.

“I challenge on record will any BJP leader in the country have the guts to come to Meghalaya and say that Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi will have no role to play in the life of Meghalayans. Khasi will be ruled by Khasi, Garo will be ruled by Garo and Jaintia will be ruled by Jaintia, Meghalaya will be ruled by Meghalaya. This is Trinamool Congress commitment to you,” he said.

Abhishek said the AITC is the only party that can take the BJP head on and it has shown them their place.

“Dr Sangma and Pyngrope and every MLA when they decided that we have the fire in our belly and we want to take on the NPP government and we don’t have the platform, they all came to AITC as the AITC is just a platform. All MLAs are sons of the soil and they will work for you,” he added.

He wanted the people to give a befitting reply to the MDA government for cheating them in the last four and a half years,

He  said, “Conrad Sangma came to power with fake promises, with false narrative of double engine government.”

According to Banerjee, this is not a double engine government but a double heist and a double robbery.

“Double engine government means no one will arrest no one. The central government can steal as much resources from Meghalaya as they want, the Meghalaya police will not hold them accountable and Conrad Sangma will do whatever he wants, the CBI will not harass him, this is double heist. We have to give a befitting reply to these people who have cheated us and we have to show them their place,” he said.

The AITC leader said the NPP government has completely ignored the interest of the people of the state  and has been acting as a mere proxy of the BJP.

“The abodes of clouds have become a haven for the corrupt, we have to change that,” he asserted.

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