TUR points at NPP’s skewed decisions; seeks justice for Amita & Agnes

Organisation questions rape accused Thomas Sangma’s nomination as party gen secy

Shillong, Jan 20: The Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR), a social organisation, on Thursday welcomed the conviction of Nidamon Chullet and at the same time questioned the government and the system’s delayed justice and biasness in judgement.

In a statement on Thursday, TUR referred to the attack on Agnes Kharshiing and Amita Sangma, the activists who were investigating the illegal coal business in the state, in 2018 and said, “We insist that members of the NPP no longer intimidate brave voices such as Amita Sangma, who has been seeking justice for herself and Kong Agnes for the last four years. She has repeatedly said that she was threatened by powerful figures in the establishment in this quest, and that this conspiracy of silence included even the Chief Minister and NPP President, Conrad Sangma.”


Chullet is the prime accused in the near-fatal attack on Kharshiing and Sangma in East Jaintia Hills. Chullet, who was the NPP’s working president in Jaintia Hills, was often spotted with the chief minister and was reportedly close to the big kahunas in the ruling party.

TUR also pointed out the skewed decisions of the NPP in nominating veteran politician Thomas Sangma, who is accused in a rape case, as the national general secretary.

“Justice, unlike revenge, should never be served cold: we urge everyone in the legal and political establishment in the state to use this opportunity to fix a system so broken it can only convict someone as notorious as Nidamon Chullet more than a decade after the case against him was first filed. He has used that time to terrorise the people of the Jaintia Hills.

“We can only hope that Thomas Sangma will not be allowed to follow in these footsteps and will be forced to face the political consequences of his actions before he commits further crimes against our people,” the organisation added.

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