Tura MDC seeks clarity on Williamnagar, Tura lands

Shillong, June 30: Tura BJP MDC Bernard Marak has sought proof from the NPP-led MDA government regarding the ownership of lands both in Williamnagar and Tura.

Speaking to reporters, Marak said till date only lease agreement with Nokma is available and he is not aware whether the government has taken over the lands in Williamnagar and Tura.


The cabinet recently approved taking over the encroached lands both in Williamnagar and Tura to regularise it but  the ownership of lands will be with the government.

The Tura MDC wants to know how a tribal land can be possessed by the government.

“We need proof of claim of lands over Williamnagar & Tura by the government”, Marak said.

He added that the agreement is with Nokma and fee is also provided by the government.

To a question, Marak said if the government  forcefully occupies the lands in Williamnagar & Tura , the option is to move court.

For Tura, he said the term of the lease was not given to him whenever asked.

He also wanted to know whether it is a matter of  requisition or aquisition of lands.

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