Tynsong denies ED raid at MeECL office

Shillong, May 11: Deputy Chief Minister in-charge Power Prestone Tynsong has clarified that  the allegations of raids at MeECL office  and seizure of documents by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) were not true.

Tynsong said, “I would like to clarify that the statement carried in the newspaper in fact was totally wrong, baseless and illogical. The statement was not at all acceptable as there were no such raids and no such seizure of documents made from the office of the MeECL.”


He told reporters on Wednesday that the Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) of MeECL had already clarified on the allegation and hence the question of raids does not arise.”

Tynsong  informed that an official communication has taken place between the ED and the office of the MeECL in October-November last year.

He added that the ED officials had sought clarification and requested for necessary documents to which the MeECL had also complied and furnished all required information.

“Again, just the day before yesterday, we have submitted a few more clarifications and few more documents to the ED – so the question of raids, the question of seizure does not arise at all,” he said.

Tynsong said be it any agency in case they receive any complaints, they accordingly write a letter to the concerned department or corporation seeking the clarification for going deeper into the matter.

Tynsong said the CAG report was also part of the required information sought by the ED officials.

“Therefore, any information relating to any documents be it tender documents, tender agreements, even the CAG report that has been furnished to the office of the ED. I don’t know till now also whether some more documents, some more papers I really don’t know yet but this process has started from 2021,” the deputy chief minister said.

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