UDP misuses home department for extortion: Pala   

Shillong, Aug 27: The MPCC president Vincent Pala has alleged that the UDP is misusing the home department for illegal collection of money along the national highways.

The Congress MP told reporters on Friday that the law and order breakdown should be shameful for the UDP.


“Shameless and irresponsible the party is. It is not Lahkmen Rymbui who wanted to resign but the entire party had an emergency meeting that he should resign or leave the home which means surrender in the midst of a problem. How can you surrender, it is very shameful for the party. The decision was not taken by Lahkmen. I don’t blame him as the decision was taken by his party, they forced him to do,” he said.

Pala said he does not know who is currently holding the home portfolio.

He wanted to know whether it is the chief minister or Rymbui.

“The UDP said he (Rymbui) is not there and the chief minister said he is still there. So this is very shameful and I think all of us should condemn especially the UDP shameful party, no responsibility…when they are in problem, they want to avoid all the problems, when in terms of benefits or in terms of looting people in the streets, they are putting gates along the highways,” he said.

“To put gates is illegal on the national highways. The UDP is very happy to have gates, they have the home ministry with them, they misused the home department for collecting money illegally in the national highways, illegally they have collected money from coal and others whereas when the problems come they want to run away. We should condemn the party as a whole, not only the minister,” he alleged.

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