With ‘Mission 10’ Conrad presents deficit budget of Rs 2029 crore

Shillong, Feb 21: With a highlight on Mission 10 when the MDA government will complete 10 years in office in 2028, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Wednesday presented a deficit budget of Rs 2,029 crore.

The chief minister, who is also holding the finance portfolio, said for 2024-25, he has estimated total receipts at Rs 27,072 crore, of which the revenue receipts are estimated at Rs 23,515 crore and capital receipts at Rs 3,557 crore. Excluding borrowings of Rs 3,527 crore, the total receipts are estimated to be Rs  23,545 crore.


On the expenditure side, he has estimated the total expenditure at Rs  27,072 crore, of which the revenue expenditure is estimated at Rs  19,653 crore and capital expenditure at Rs 7,419 crore. Excluding repayment of loans of Rs 1,498 crore, the estimated total expenditure is Rs 25,574 crore. Interest payments for 2024-25 are estimated at Rs 1,236 crore and pension payments at Rs 1,865 crore.

The budget presented  for 2024-25  is around 3.83% of the GSDP.

The chief minister said considering the overall anticipated transfers from the Centre and the projected state’s own receipts, he is estimating the total expenditure for 2024-25 at Rs 27,072 crore, of which revenue expenditure is Rs 19,653 crore and capital expenditure is Rs 7,419 crore.

In conclusion of the budget, the chief minister  said, “I would like all the members of this august House and every citizen to remember this budget as ‘Mission 10’- an action plan for building a 10 billion US Dollar  economy through leveraging 10 opportunities and providing 10 guarantees. The accomplishment of ‘Mission 10’ in 2028 will coincide with 10 years of the MDA Government”.

10 opportunities for Mission 10 

1. Investment Promotion & Private Sector Development

2. Regional Connectivity & Border Trade

3. Urban Transformation

4. IT and ITeS: Meghalaya as a Tech Hub

5. More than Doubling Farmers’ Income

6. Economic Environment and Engagement of Women

7. Engaging and Employing Youth

8. Country’s Best Sustainable Ecotourism Destination

9. Climate Resilient Green Economy

10. Power Generation

Ten guarantees of Mission 10 

1. Improved Physical Connectivity and Seamless Mobility

2. Piped Drinking Water to All

3. High Speed Internet Connectivity

4. Housing for All Eligible Beneficiaries

5. Reliable and Quality Power Supply

6. Affordable and Quality Health Care For All

7. Joyful and Quality Learning at All Levels

8.Easing Service Delivery and Grievance Redressal

9.Caring and Empowering State

10. Community Infrastructure for Engagement and Wellbeing

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