Activist wants probe into sixth possibility of star war experiment destroying Kanishka

Shillong, Sept 6: The city-based activist, Michael Syiem on Wednesday wanted a probe into the sixth possibility of star war experiment by the US which may have resulted in the explosion of Air India Boeing 747 Kanishka on June 23, 1985.

The plane crashed into the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Ireland, killing all 329 people on board.


Addressing a press conference, Syiem said that there have been five theories or possible explanations regarding the cause of the disaster. They are mechanical or structural failure, mid-air collision with falling space debris,  Insurance fraud, sabotage by the Indian Intelligence agencies and  sabotage caused by a bomb.

The booklet of 2011 released again by the author on September 6

In his booklet published in 2011 based on news reports, he brought out a sixth possibility that resulted in the destruction of the plane.

Though SIkh terrorists were allegedly held responsible for the bombing, the British Columbia Supreme Court had acquitted the two Indian born Sikhs of murder and other charges.

Hence, Syiem said there is a sixth possibility that the plane could have been the victim of the strategic defense Initiative or the so called “Star Wars” experiment, which needs a close study.

“This Star Wars technology which was launched with the aim of erecting an impenetrable shield across the entire North American continent at a cost of US $38 billion was quietly shelved after the Kanishka explosion”, Syiem said.

The activist wanted to know was the emerging Sikh terrorism then, an excuse to test the effectiveness of the first star war laser technology? Were the 329 passengers on board the plane, mostly Canadian citizens of Indian origin from an over-populated 3rd world nation, made ‘guinea pigs’ for the sake of further advancement of science and technology?

The second world war was made an excuse to test the effectiveness of the first atomic bomb. The Japanese were made ‘guinea pigs’ of the first atomic experiment, the report released by the activist said.

To a question as to why he is bringing up the issue again after his booklet was published in 2011, Syiem said that the Khalistan movement leader Indrajit Singh was released in 2016. He was convicted only for forgery and not for explosion of Kanishka that leaves the possibility of star war experiment by the US.

He said on July 15, 2011, one of the accused was shot which is puzzling and hence focus should be on star war experiment.

Earlier, the court investigation was carried  out on the alleged involvement of Khalistanis but the cause of explosion of the plane is yet to be known.

Syiem claimed that curiously the US government had posted his booklet on the government website.

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