Condemning the current violence and demands by Kukis


The recent outbreak of violence and demands by the Kuki community in Manipur are deeply concerning and deserve our immediate attention. It is disheartening to witness a group that was once aided and sheltered by the Meitei community now turning against them.

The Kuki people, formed by various ethnic groups, have a long history in this region, having settled with the permission of Naga chiefs. However, their repeated clashes and confrontations with different communities over the issue of land have perpetuated a cycle of violence that needs to be addressed.


In 1993, the Kuki-Naga clash ravaged the state of Manipur, forcing many Kuki individuals to flee their homes and seek refuge in relief camps provided by the Meitei community. It was an act of compassion and humanity that the Meitei community opened their doors to their fellow citizens in their time of need. However, instead of cherishing this support and unity, the Kuki community seems to have forgotten the assistance they received and turned their aggression towards the very people who saved their lives.

Notably, the clashes have not been limited to the Kuki-Naga conflict. In 1997, Kukis clashed with the Paite community, and similar clashes occurred in Chassad village in 2019. The common thread linking these incidents is the issue of land. It is disheartening that the Kuki community repeatedly resorts to violence to resolve land disputes, perpetuating a cycle of bloodshed and discord.

The current situation demands our condemnation and a call for a peaceful resolution. It is essential for all parties involved to engage in open dialogue and find peaceful means to address their grievances. Resorting to violence only exacerbates the wounds of the past and hampers the progress and prosperity of Manipur as a whole.

We must recognise the interconnectedness of our communities and the importance of coexistence. The Meitei community has shown immense compassion and generosity towards their fellow citizens, regardless of ethnic background. It is distressing to witness the Kuki community turn against those who extended a helping hand during their darkest hours.

As responsible citizens, we must reject violence as a means to resolve disputes. The Kuki community should reflect upon the kindness shown to them by the Meitei community and seek peaceful avenues for resolving their land-related issues. It is only through mutual understanding, respect, and dialogue that we can build a harmonious and prosperous Manipur.

Let us stand together against violence and demand a peaceful resolution to the conflicts that plague our society. It is high time that the Kuki community recognises the importance of peaceful coexistence and works towards building bridges rather than perpetuating divisions. Only then can we truly heal the wounds of the past and move towards a brighter future for Manipur.

Yours etc.,
A concerned citizen

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