Did not reject letter of Voice of Mawlai People: Tongkhar

Shillong,Sept 7: Cabinet minister and HSPDP member Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar said on Tuesday that he did not reject the letter brought by the Voice of Mawlai People demanding action against the police personnel involved in kiling former general secretary of HNLC Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew.

Clarifying to news reports regarding the rejection of letter, Tongkhar said that what he told the delegation was that he respects the sentiments of the Mawlai group and that as a minister and being in the government, he will take a collective decision and sign the letter together with the Regional Democratic Alliance ( RDA) comprising both HSPDP and UDP.


“The letter is very much with me and I have not rejected it”, he added .

Minister against interference 

To a question on the demand for suspension of police officers involved, Tongkhar said that  any action on the part of the government should ensure that there should not be any interference while carrying out the judicial inquiry.

Tongkhar reiterated that there should be a mechanism to ensure that the police officers who are involved should not influence the probe.

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