From grass root level worker to first time minister

Shillong, July 27: From a grass root level worker to first time minister. Sanbor Shullai, who currently represents South Shillong, was finally rewarded.

After being associated with various organisations and traditional institutions, Shullai had contested and won as MDC from 1994 till 2014.


For the first time, he contested as MDC from HPU and subsequently as an Independent in 1999.

The win as MDC continued in 2004 (UDP) and in 2009 (NCP). He completed his tenure as MDC in 2014.

In the Assembly elections, he contested and won the Laban seat (now South Shillong) on NCP ticket in 2008 and in 2013. In 2018, he changed the party affiliation, contested on BJP ticket and retained the seat.

He had held the post of Deputy Speaker for a full term of five years from 2008.

Yet again, he was appointed as deputy speaker from 2013.

In 2016, after he resigned from the post, he was accommodated as chairman of MTDC and he continued to hold the same post and also as deputy government chief whip till his induction as cabinet minister.

Works as usual  

After the swearing in ceremony, Shullai said he will carry on with the works he has been doing for the interest of the people of his constituency and the state.

Shullai did not want to reveal his priorities as he said he will continue to do whatever is good for the people.

He also does not want to say anything regarding his portfolios as according to him, this is the prerogative of the Chief Minister.

The portfolios are yet to be allocated.

To a question, Shullai said his induction was as per the decision of the BJP central leadership.

“We are a national party and disciplined party members, whatever directives given by the central high command, we have to comply and abide by that…although Delhi is quite far they have eyes around and are looking at what Sanbor is doing, what party is doing so based on that I think they have considered,” he said.

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