Hill Festival in November to focus on music, food & environment

Shillong, Oct 6: The Hills Festival will set the stage for some of the most popular musical bands from the country and beyond in November.

The line-up of local, national and international artistes includes Bloodywood, Taba Chake, Yung Raja, Karan Kanchan, HanuMankind, Trance Effect, Featherheads, DBryn, and Daminot.


The festival is scheduled for November 4-5 at Umbir and the Umami lake. A large section of the festival will be dedicated to gastronomy. The organisers have announced that the highlight of this year’s ‘Food Pavilion’ will be ‘The Forage Aisle’ and ‘The Pig-Out Affair’ showcasing regional cuisine from different parts of Meghalaya.

Featuring the famous Mumbai Chef Thomas Zacharias aka Chef TZac, ‘The Forage Aisle’ will be a special layout of indigenous forage and the local wild edibles from Meghalaya. The aisle will host a culinary exchange between Chef TZac and local chefs, who will come together and share stories and ideas while curating lip-smacking delights along the way.

The ‘The Pig-Out Affair’ is a community cook-out serving pork dishes distinct from their tradition and culture.

Keeping the environment an important mandate for this year’s festival, the organisers are introducing several green initiatives.

From the venue’s promotional backdrops to the art installations, everything will be built using environmentally-innovative materials. The installations will embody the mythical tales of the region.

“As we grow and evolve, our festival is building an ethos around ecotourism where we highlight travel responsibility to natural destinations,” said Sahil MAjaw, founder of Hype Meghalaya, the organising body.

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