Nongstoin & Mairang cry for justice to Cherish

Shillong, Aug 19: Nongstoin and Mairang have expressed solidarity to the demands of citizens of Mawlai in the aftermath of killing of former general secretary of HNLC, Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew.

The demands included punishment to police men involved in the crime and shifting of CRPF camp from Mawlai among others.


Braving the rain, people participated in the rally at Nongstoin to express their grief with the bereaved family of Thangkhiew, who was killed at his residence.

The rallies condemned the ‘inhuman’ killing of Thangkhiew by the police on the pretext of self defence which, according to the people, defied logic.

Both the rallies demanded that the NPP-led alliance should take responsibility for the gruesome crime against Thangkhiew by duly compensating for the criminal act and by suspending all those who took the life of Thangkhiew and those who ordered to shoot him down.

Similar rally is being planned at Mawkyrwat and other places.

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