Rapture on IMDB’s list of Top-10 2023 films

Shillong, May 20: After its successful screening in France, Garo film Rapture has found its place on the IMDB’s list of Top-10 Indian Films of 2023.

Rapture is in the ninth position with a rating of 6.8. The other films on the list are Aattam with a rating of 8.2, Joram with 6.6, Lapaataa Ladies with 8.5 and Mithya with 9. The listing of the films is not based on the ratings.


Rapture is a film by National Award-winning director Dominic Megam Sangma and is the second in his trilogy of films that includes MA.AMA, which was the director’s first feature film. Rapture was recently screened across more than 100 theatres in France. It is the first film from Meghalaya, to achieve such widespread distribution in French cinemas, highlighting a significant milestone in the global recognition of Garo cinema.

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