Saudi Arabia to now take part in Miss Universe 2024 competition

New Delhi, Mar 27 (UNI): In a historic move, Saudi Arabia will participate in the prestigious Miss Universe competition for the first time.

The news has garnered widespread attention as the conservative kingdom takes a significant step towards greater inclusion in international beauty pageants.


The Saudi contestant who will represent her country on the global stage is none other than Rumy Alqahtani. The 27-year-old model is breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes as she prepares to showcase Saudi Arabia’s rich culture and diversity on the Miss Universe platform.

Rumy Alqahtani expressed her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity on her official Instagram account, stating, “I am honoured to represent Saudi Arabia in the Miss Universe competition. This is not just a personal achievement, but a milestone for our country.”

The decision for Saudi Arabia to participate in Miss Universe comes amidst ongoing social reforms in the kingdom aimed at empowering women and promoting a more open and inclusive society. This move reflects the country’s efforts to embrace diversity and showcase its talent on an international stage.

The Miss Universe competition, known for celebrating beauty, intelligence, and cultural diversity, will provide a platform for Rumy Alqahtani to shine as she competes alongside contestants from around the globe. Her participation marks a significant moment in Saudi Arabia’s journey towards greater gender equality and global recognition.

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