Time to introspect & draw a road map afresh


Elections are over but the hangovers are still there. However, the government formation is completed but there are a lot of work to be done for the political parties.


Beginning from the BJP, it has been in Meghalaya for more than 32 years. This is a long period of time and if the party cannot grow in strength in terms of having many MLAs, there must be some serious fundamental internal reasons that this most popular widely accepted ruling party of India cannot expand and grow here.

In Meghalaya, the name of this party is widely known through the media but there are no leaders and workers engaging with the masses in the districts and blocks, not to mention in remote areas. Yes, there are leaders only in the state capital and in one or two districts but where are the grassroots leaders and workers? Leaders and workers should come from amongst the masses who live and die with them.

When elections are due, a hectic search for setting up candidates overnight and randomly in all 60 constituencies was done. What is this foolish and mad action by the state leaders, including the BJP leader in-charge of Meghalaya.

The most prudent and correct step to do was to set up viable candidates only in those focal constituencies where there are grassroots leaders and workers who have been working and engaging in good works among the masses for a considerable period of time. What were the state BJP leaders doing all these years?

The number of MLAs remains static at just two whereas there were at least six or seven promising constituencies that the party should have won with thumping margins during the last elections considering the efforts and investments that the party High Command has invested.

What is important to do now onwards for the state party leaders is to work hard and ceaselessly with proper planning and strategies. Where are the good works done by the state BJP leaders seen on the ground? None at all. If the leaders are there in the office only to expect funds coming from the headquarters in Delhi and to share it among themselves and no tangible results on the grounds, then it will never grow even if elections come in 2028, 2033 and 2038.

Yes, the heads of Meghalaya BJP State Mandal have to roll if the party has to play a major partner in ruling the state in near future. For how long it will have to wait, even though it has long term plan for the future. I am quite cynical about its positive outcome in the foreseeable future. For this, the state Mandal has to do a lot introspection and diagnosis to fix the omissions commissions.

As for the Congress, it already has its organisational set-up and vote bank built over the years but it is in serious crisis in its state leadership. It just needs capable and dynamic leaders to lead from the front as Vincent Pala has failed to win even from his own turf and far from attaining state leadership stature.

Even winning the next Lok Sabha seat in 2024 is in serious doubt because the political equations and dynamics have now changed in many Assembly segments. Is the vote bank of the Congress intact or has it been reduced by 2023? Certainly, it has. Having said that, the Congress also required immediate shake up in the leaderships in a number of blocks which have witnessed mass exodus of its top leaders to NPP and other parties.

In spite of the mass exodus of leaders to other parties, it was able to win five seats because of second rank leaders and had not for this exodus the party would have secured majority on its own in the last elections.

However, it has to go back to the drawing board, adopt suitable planning and strategies and work harder for MDC and MP elections, which are hardly a year from now. At the same time, it has to find out ways and means together with other opposition colleagues and in collusion with some bigger ruling factions, on how to deflate the tyres of the NPP-driven vehicle.

Turning to the Trinamool Congress, I can say that it has done quite well by securing five seats in spite of odds stacked against it and being a new entrant in the state to reach out to the electorate of Meghalaya is not easy because voters here are hesitant to vote for a new party. For the task ahead it has an arduous journey to make itself politically meaningful and to seize power in Meghalaya in near future not singlehandedly of course, but in collusion with others in whatever way politically and mutually acceptable.

With regard to UDP, it has offered itself as a sacrificial lamb at the altar of NPP and the hope to rise is very remote rather it is fear to fall that looms large on the horizon. With the hope of giving more stability to the NPP-led government it will slowly be sapped of its vibrancy, vitality and relevance by NPP. In any case, NPP does not need UDP but it is the other way around. UDP has no bargaining power in the new dispensation unlike during 2018-2022.

At the end of this term, it will find itself on dry ground without water unless it can manage to wriggle out of this predicament in which it is in.

As for VPP, its future prospects will be very bright provided it can play its cards well and perform its role effectively and splendidly. It all depends on Its think tank.

Philip Marweiñ,

Senior journalist

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