Why are we silent on rights violation?


It was premeditated gruesome killing of Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew by Meghalaya Police in the wee hours of Friday last week that convinced me that the State Police can become murderers for no rhyme or reason. The reason cited by them for shooting Thangkhiew dead in cold-blood was because he took out a knife and advanced towards them. This defied all sensible logic in the world. They have violated whatever little human rights are left in the world. Are Meghalaya Police led by brainless blood thirsty police bureaucrats, Home Minister and Chief Minister and all those responsible for the elimination of Thangkhiew and others before him? Or are our state leaders dictated and led by outside elements and forces who are hell-bent on ensuring that our small community is trampled upon, crumbled and destroyed?


In this connection, we are surprised and stupefied why prominent trained organisations, NGOs, social activists, Human Rights NGOs, religious organisations, prominent social activists, political parties which raise issues at the drop of a hat, especially the regional parties like HSPDP, PDF, KHNAM, UDP etc, are silent over this issue. If we allow the state and the police to crush the rights of people then they will continue to violate and suppress the rights and freedom of the people in all manner they like to advance their self-aggrandisement in every way. Let us speak up dear fellow citizens.

Philip Marwein,

Senior journalist

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