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Dancing her way to glory

Afro-style dancer from Mawlai says how dancing came naturally to her & what it takes to follow the rhythm

Iamonlang Kharjana has been setting the dance floor on fire and her recent achievement — to be among the Top 16 finalists in a national street dance competition — has brought her accolades locally.
The 21-year-old Afro-style dancer from Mawlai Nongkwar began dancing in 2014 when she was 14 years. It came naturally to her. “It was my dream to become a dancer. Rhythms and beats always fascinated me and made me tap my feet. So, dancing came naturally to me. Now, I have become more passionate about the art form and I am looking forward to excelling in it,” said Kharjana.
Kharjana is an afro-style dancer. This genre of dance has its origin in the traditional African dances. Afrobeat as a genre was developed in the 1960s and 1970s and is influenced by Fuji music and Highlife, mixed with American jazz and funk.
When asked what prompted her to choose the form of street dance, Kharjana said, “I cannot tell you about why I chose street dance because it’s not about me choosing anything. Dancers have to adjust at times. For me, ‘Street Dance’ gives me more knowledge and helps me to gain experience, my confidence and explore more.”
Kharjana has made it to the top 16 for the final round of Red Bull Dance Your Style, a global street dance event series. The finalists, coming from nine cities around the country, will compete at the Red Bull Dance Your Style India Final on October 16. (Click here)
“The Red Bull competition is my biggest achievement so far and I would like to do better in the future,” she said.
The arena of dancing is highly competitive and challenges for Kharjana are aplenty. A major challenge is fund. “Financial struggle persists as there is no help from anyone, not even from authorities. It is also difficult to find sponsorship in Meghalaya,” said the dancer, who is also a trained basketball player.
What inspires the young artiste and keeps her going? Kharjana said her determination to make a mark on the stage keeps her going and inspires her to do better every time. She has been winning prizes and collecting accolades in the several events she had performed in the city over the years.
Kharjana dreams to be a choreographer and start her dance institute. “But I am not sure where life will take me. All I want for now is to better my performance and reach the zenith,” she added.

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